Borawan Island

Borawan Island


Borawan beach

Borawan beach in Pagbilao Chica Island is the nearest among the three from the town of Padre Burgos. You can reach the island in less than 10 minutes by boat. It is home to fascinating rock formations reminiscent to that of Palawan’s. Its sand, though white, is not as fine as Boracay’s. There are cottages for rent and camping is allowed. Shower rooms and toilets are also available. The beach is suitable for swimming. You may swim at the netted areas to protect yourself

Dampalitan Island

Dampalitan Island is located 10 minutes southeast of Borawan. It is an isolated beach facing south towards Tayabas Bay. The beach is lined with pine trees similar to Anawangin and Nagsasa Coves of Zambales. There are tables for rent and camping is allowed. Even though its sand is finer than Borawan’s, the beach is not that suitable for swimming. The water is murky, and the shore is very rocky and full of dead corals. Shade in Dampalitan is more abundant compared to Borawan which makes camping here more suitable

Kwebang lampas/puting buhangin

Although already on the town of Pagbilao, Quezon, you can only go to this white sand beach via boat from Pagbilao or Padre Burgos. The shore is lined with coconut trees to provide you with that much needed shade. You can also see Pagbilao Powerplant behind this beach. Compared to Borawan and Dampalitan beaches, swimming here is most ideal because of its white sand and clear blue waters. Kwebang Lampas is also located on this cove and can be reached by a short walk among the rocks at the right end of the beach. Be sure to check out its other opening facing Tayabas Bay. You can swim there as well.


Quezon Province is home to a number of beautiful beaches. Similar to the province of Batangas, its close proximity to Manila makes it one of the top weekend destinations, especially if you’re on a budget. On the town of Padre Burgos, only 4 hours from Manila, lies three uniquely beautiful beaches you can visit in just one weekend.


The islands can be visited via boat from Padre Burgos, Quezon. How to get there. There are a number of resorts who offer the island hopping service to Borawan, Dampalitan and Lukang Beach. You can look for these resorts at Brgy. Basiao in Padre Burgos.

Visit Lukang Beach/kwebang lagpas first and spend most of your time there. Among the three beaches, Lukang Beach/kwebang lampas is most suitable for swimming because of its wide shore, fine white sand and clear blue waters. There are also palm trees lined up along the shore if you want a break from the sun

After Lukang/kwebang lampas, we suggest Dampalitan as your next stop. Even though its beach is not ideal for swimming, Dampalitan is perfect for beach bumming. The shore is lined with pine trees which makes it suitable for camping. Take your lunch here, beach bum, enjoy the shade and cool breeze before heading to Borawan

Borawan island is the nearest one from the town of Padre Burgos. Most tourists camp here. There are shower rooms and toilets. There’s also a sari-sari store located at the right-end of the beach who offers beverages, meals and snacks. Don’t forget to take photos of the interesting rock formations. Try viewing the sunrise as the beach is facing east.


Boat: P1800 (Lukang, Dampalitan & Borawan), P800 (Borawan, Dampalitan only), P600 (Borawan only) Good for 10 people. These are fixed rate of the resorts. We recommend hiring a small time boatman at Brgy. Basiao so you could haggle the price. We got ours for only P1500… boatman

CHRISTIAN GRUTAS at CELLPHONE NUMBERS: 09391774669, 09956653765

Entrance Fees: P80 Day-trip Lukang Beach, P75 Day-trip Dampalitan, P220 Overnight Borawan.Accommodation: P500 per tent, P200 tent space fee. Best to bring your own tent.Transportation: P440 Roundtrip bus Manila-Lucena-Manila, P80 Roundtrip bus Lucena-Unisan-Lucena.Food: Free. It’s best to bring your own. Cooking is allowed on the island. Grilling station are available. Sari-sari store available selling beverages, snacks and drinks.

Estimated budget per person for 10 pax: P1,500


Where to camp? You can actually camp at all three beaches. We recommend camping at Borawan since its the nearest one from Padre Burgos. You can also camp at Dampalitan. Overnight camping is also possible in Lukang, but the boatman are going to charge you more if you’ll ask them to pick you up there the following morning because it’s the farthest beach from Padre Burgos. Where to swim? Swim at Lukang Beach. Its beach is most suitable for swimming among the three. Borawan is also suitable for swimming but the water can get murky at crowded areas. Swim early in the morning when the tide’s high and the water is much clearer.In each beach, there are limited areas protected by netting to keep tourists safe from jellyfish and sea urchin. It’s definitely cheaper to bring your own tent and cook your own food.It can get crowded during peak season and summer weekends. It’s best to visit the beaches during weekdays or off season. Lukang Beach is mostly visited because of its beach. Most tourists swim there before heading to Borawan and Dampalitan. Dampalitan is the least crowded among the three.


contact person: Christian Grutas
Contact number: 09391774669 & 09956653765

We also have boats for rent big and safe… Including the lifejacket

Tents are also available to rent

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